Are you tired of bending over backward for everyone in your life without reciprocation? With my FREE E-Guide, you'll learn how entrepreneurs can say "No" without fear or confrontation.

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In This E-Guide You Are Going To Discover
How to say “No” to things that cause conflict in your marriages, relationships, and family time.
Are you a closeted people-pleaser? 

Do you constantly feel at the mercy of others? 

Does your anxiety keep you from saying "no"? 

It's time to set boundaries! 

If you find the concept of boundaries challenging to understand, look no further! 

If you find the concept of boundaries challenging to understand, look no further! 

In my FREE E-GUIDE, I show entrepreneurs how to confidently say “No” to things that cause them:
Marital or relationship conflict
Lose quality family time
Money in their businesses
To feel burnt out
…and often miss out on what truly matters the most to them.
Most entrepreneurs can’t say "No" because they fear facing any confrontation. Yet, they don't realize that saying "Yes" instead of "No" is costing them a fortune. It COSTS THEM unnecessary distress. 
My FREE E-GUIDE gives you actionable steps to step boundaries to eliminate the stress and DRAMA in your life without sacrificing your businesses or income. You can use the strategies in the book to say "No" with intention and without fear of confrontation.
 If you already know they are costing you and you want to change this now, access my FREE E-GUIDE and let's get started now!

Yes, I Want 
The Boundaries
Dr. D, the “Queen of Boundaries,” In her newest work, Dr. Danita Morales Ramos, Ph.D., will empower you to overcome and take ownership of your emotional and physical boundaries in this illuminating and motivational guide. 

With over 20 years of experience in the field of mental health counseling, Dr. D will show you how to overcome your people-pleasing antics using a practical and direct approach. She will help you gain the freedom and the power to own your life and reach your full potential. 
  • Say NO Without fear or confrontation
  • Stop Feeling Burnt out & overwhelmed.
  • Stop Feeling Frustrated and stressed. 
Yes, I Want to Know How To Say NO!
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